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The ownership of website belongs to HİDROKON KONYA HİDROLİK MAKİNE SANAYİ & TİCARET A.Ş. 

HİDROKON's servers identify the computer or other device you use to visit our site based on your IP address. It stores your information such as "domain name", "e-mail address" except your personal information.

The privacy of all information about our dealers, consumers and other visitors to our website is of utmost importance for HIDROKON. Your personal information, such as "domain name", e-mail address and other information will not be shared with third parties, and measures are taken with the help of science and technology to ensure your privacy.

The purpose of the HIDROKON website is to provide you with useful information and updates about hydraulic cranes and other products and services.

The personal information you shared will be used to provide you with information about our products and services and to communicate with you in these matters if you have requested any response.

If you do not wish to receive the messages that we will send to you on products and services, such as compensation, and you have made that request by entering, your request will be fulfilled immediately.

We strongly warn that you must take all necessary precautions against the attack / viruses during the downloading of materials while using our website or referenced sites, text, graphics, images, etc.,   and that HİDROKON and its employees will not have legal and criminal responsibility  if this requirement is not followed.


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 Our privacy policy will be updated at the time required by the legal regulations and requirements.