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Our Environmental Policy



In order to leave a more livable world to future generations, HİDROKON A.Ş. It develops and implements projects aimed at raising awareness of the whole society, starting with its employees. In order to establish a sustainable future with environmentally friendly practices and necessary measures, while structuring business processes in every sector within the scope of the Company's field of activity, all Hidrokon employees and all stakeholders they cooperate with are environmentally conscious and conscious individuals.



The basic principles that make up HIDROKON's environmental safety policy are as follows:





To minimize the pollution and damage we will cause to the environment by keeping the factors that may cause environmental pollution under control,


To work to reduce, reuse or recycle pollutant waste at its source in order to prevent environmental pollution,


To comply with all legal and other conditions related to the environment,


To minimize the damage to the environment by making continuous improvements in the existing structure as much as possible by using the technology that causes the least damage to the environment as long as technical, economic and commercial opportunities allow in new investments and projects,


To ensure the adoption of environmental awareness and the work we do to protect the environment with our employees, customers, suppliers and the society as a life philosophy, to provide training that develops according to the needs in order to increase environmental awareness,


To ensure that the instructions, evaluations and forms prepared within the scope of the environment are periodically reviewed and updated in line with the laws, regulations, developments and needs, To determine the new environmental targets related to environmental issues and the actions to achieve these targets,


To take proactive measures in all activities to prevent air, water and soil pollution


To carry out studies that will ensure continuous improvement and development in environmental activities


To comply with the environmental aspects of the current national and international legal and other conditions.


To contribute to the environmental works of non-governmental organizations "for a healthy environment"


To reduce costs, increase efficiency and long-term profitability by working with suppliers of goods and services on the basis of cooperation and trust that will ensure quality, environmental awareness and occupational safety


Systematically and regularly evaluating the activities in all sectors and service units and constantly turning to the better and the right






In all projects carried out, from the design stage to the delivery stage, studies are carried out to minimize natural resource and energy consumption, prevent soil, air and water pollution and recover the wastes at the maximum rate.