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Our company has been established within the process of institutionalization within the İnnopark Konya Technology Development Zone in the first quarter of 2016. Today, the most important agenda item in the industry is industry 4.0 on which many projects from our daily life are based. The most important of these is to make their own control with their own competent personnel and aim to make their machines intelligent.

We are making annual R & D investments in order to continuously improve our products. With innovative planning and work, we implement all the technological developments instantly which are needed by our industry . Our work, which gives priority to the safety of our users, makes our products more usable and practical every day. Our company has not ever been close to the static production concept and has always signed every work required for continuous development.


With the advisory board established in the ARGE structure, we established industry-university cooperation on solid foundations and with the exchange of information, this relationship has been improved. The advisory board consists of 5 academicians and 3 professionals. Our advisory board is constantly updating itself and continuing its research without slowing down.


Our R&D unit is working on the increase of performance of existing projects and production efficiency of our company with a team of 10 people. Our team has signed 7 patented works and 1 industrial design.

Our Product development team is passionate about improving the quality of our products by having more convenient structures and decreasing the costs and conducting researches to provide our customers with the best quality products at the best prices.


Our team attaches importance to market research and they work on the best product idea that they can provide to the market. Our team, who reads the opportunity threat scales well, works on the idea-oriented principle and makes our products the best in the field. With our systematic and planning principle, our product development team performs unique product developments projects in the name of maximum efficiency and maximum satisfaction from our products.


Our unit consists of professionals who keep themselves open to learn new developments. Our team consisting of 10 people has signed 7 patented works and 1 industrial design.