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It is one of our basic principles to provide superior customer experience and satisfaction by meeting customer needs and expectations on time without compromising our quality. Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction in our business processes and activities; is founded on our values ​​of honesty, moral integrity and respect for human beings. Customer suggestions and complaints are managed within the framework of these values; It is one of the priorities of our company to evaluate it systematically and professionally, in accordance with legal regulations, in a fair and impartial manner with a customer-oriented perspective.

In parallel with the needs and expectations of our customers, we continue to raise our service quality to the highest level with our innovative working methods that are open to change. Hidrokon A.S. While evaluating the satisfaction with our products and services, it addresses the needs and expectations of our customers with an effective, transparent, fast and customer-oriented approach. In this direction, your feedback/complaints are examined to the root causes, aiming to present the most effective solution as soon as possible. You can send us your feedback/complaints about the products we produce and the services we offer, by using the communication channels below.

- Filling the "Contact Us" form on our corporate website,
- Sending written feedback or complaints to our e-mail addresses ,,
- Receiving customer notifications by calling the Call Center at 444 56 53

Hidrokon A.S. Focusing on producing quality products and providing services, with a continuous improvement approach, taking into account the operational and institutional conditions as well as legal and regulatory conditions, paying attention to the confidentiality of customer information, aiming to resolve feedback and complaints in the most effective and fastest way in a customer-oriented manner. We are committed to providing customer satisfaction.

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